Linda paddles the fresh motorboat, tired, as Tulio is actually filming the surroundings and never paddling

Linda paddles the fresh motorboat, tired, as Tulio is actually filming the surroundings and never paddling

Rio dos

Linda and Tulio try pretty happy to obtain a great Spix’s Macaw feather on Amazon just after becoming ambushed by the a mysterious bird

Now joyfully married so you can Tulio, Linda and her husband head to the fresh Craigs list to own a trip, and also to lso are-release a Marbled Timber Quail on the wild. Linda attempts to coax the latest timid Wood Quail off the lady cage, and that sooner or later performs (helped by the Tulio’s attempts on bird chat, hence appear to frighten the fresh new quail), and the quail reunites using its fellows. The brand new quail then starts jumping and you will chirping, hence Linda thinks is an alert. Tulio dismisses which, but it’s later proved real since Linda areas rapids upwards ahead. The newest motorboat tends to make a crazy trip down the rapids following more an effective waterfall.

Immediately after surviving new fall, Tulio searches for Linda, as well as the a couple of reunite that have a hug. They are distracted by the a squawk, and an easy-traveling blue bird unexpectedly dives earlier her or him, ruining the camera and shedding one of their feathers. Tulio makes reference to it as a great Spix’s macaw’s feather, so you’re able to his and you will Linda’s happiness. After, Linda and you can Tulio take the news, which is seen by the Blu, Treasure, and their children, Bia, Carla, and you may Tiago. Jewel azon, to help Linda and Tulio discover the Spix’s macaws.

Blu in addition to family get to new Craigs list, unwittingly near to Linda and you can Tulio. Linda is wanting so you’re able to pin along the reputation of your own Spix’s macaws, thinking escort service Chesapeake VA these to end up being around the Brazil nut woods and you may new waterfalls. Blu was quickly grabbed of the a good bird, and his squawks grab Linda and you will Tulio’s interest, who anxiously lead in direction of the brand new voice. Linda fears so it seemed such Blu, however, Tulio doubts it, thinking Blu to stay Rio. Linda wakes up later on you to definitely nights, thinking that anyone try additional, but observes that it’s a beneficial tamarin.

Tulio apologizes for getting Linda into their situation, but Linda responds by informing your there’s no set she’d instead getting than just that have him

Blu mentions Linda to Eduardo, that is aggravated as he finds out that Blu had previously been a pet. Blu protests one to Linda elevated your and that is element of their family relations, but Eduardo stays mad. Blu is able to pick Linda and you will Tulio’s coordinates for the his GPS, claiming to help you Gem that they are extremely intimate. Jewel was hesitant at the thought of your tribe getting found and you will states that they are best off alone.

Linda and you can Tulio get a hold of loggers lowering specific woods. Tulio attempts to prevent the girl, however, Linda confronts him or her angrily. Tulio drags Linda aside, however the two following realize that it’s a trap (this new loggers ended up being gonna kidnap her or him so you can end its logging activity away from getting interrupted). Linda flees whenever Tulio says to the lady so you can, incurring new jungle as she is pursued because of the loggers. Linda is able to escape it is sooner or later stuck and you will linked with a tree which have Tulio.

Blu goes toward Linda and you can Tulio’s campsite to express good-bye however, up coming realizes that some thing try incorrect. He sees your web site has been attacked, and gets hectic. Roberto confronts Blu, however, a bulldozer runs across the campsite. Blu directs Roberto so you’re able to alert the fresh new group, upcoming would go to find Linda and you may Tulio. After, nevertheless associated with the fresh tree, Linda and you may Tulio maneuver toward a position in which they may be able keep give. Linda then sees Blu. She produces bird tunes to capture his notice, and you may Blu frees them throughout the tree. Linda and you can Tulio make an effort to avoid the loggers regarding lowering specific woods, clogging the way in which. Linda and you can Tulio is actually after that happy and you may surprised to see several of Spix’s macaws from the woods in it.

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