step 1. Precisely what do Glucose Daters Do Together with her? Sex vs. Relationships

step 1. Precisely what do Glucose Daters Do Together with her? Sex vs. Relationships

This new survey contained twenty four short signed-ended and you can small open-concluded concerns, along with background details. The previous questions attained information regarding experiences off economic exchanges, frequency and you will amount of dates, demographic record, plus, including, intercourse, age, and you will sexual direction ( Dining table step one), reasons to own sugar relationships ( Table dos), and knowledge off offering or using companion characteristics. The vast majority of were looking for heterosexual arrangements, but the heterosexual liking are healthier one of the male participants (97 %) than just one of the female respondents (61 per cent). Whilst many years maximum to join up on the internet site was 18, ten percent of your females advertised becoming younger than simply 18 (14–17) (pick Table 1, Figure 1 and you will Contour dos). six The fresh new unlock-finished inquiries addressed the fresh new meanings and motivations up to glucose matchmaking. The fresh interview and the questionnaire was in fact used in Swedish. Gunnarsson interpreted studies getting quoted with the English.


Both interviews while the survey investigation have been examined qualitatively. Since the interviews studies offered significantly more depth, the fresh new survey studies offered breadth. Certain dimensions of this new questionnaire analysis was in fact examined quantitatively, such as, age, sex, and you will sexual orientation. Interview transcriptions and you can qualitative questionnaire answers had been processed within the NVivo by way of a variety of study-driven and concept-inspired coding. The difficulty out of how exactly to classify sugar matchmaking (especially in reference to prostitution) in addition to problem of important vs. inherent motivations was basically conceptually key in the coding processes. Logical memo creating was utilized to document activities and you will interesting themes while in the coding in addition to an even more alternative studying of your point. In line with the observation your matter represented an impressive selection of means and you can experience, i sought after a way of categorizing such distinctions. It became clear that enjoy failed to vary collectively that unmarried axis, thus, in lieu of dividing them into the you to definitely selection of categories (cf. Scull 2020), we made a decision to cardiovascular system the research three secret proportions that came up as the utmost definitive organizers of one’s differentiations: (1) New simple content away from glucose relationship arrangements: Precisely what do glucose daters do together? (2) New types of payment with it: Exactly how are “babies” paid? and you may (3) “Babies’” inspirational reasons for glucose dating: From what the amount would it partake in this new plan on account of the information presented positives otherwise while they appreciate those activities during the and out of themselves? From the following, new interview and you can survey investigation try analyzed as you when it comes to some categories of sugar dating based on each recognize dimension. Preferably, number are offered about your volume each and every category certainly one of members. Notice, even in the event, that the quantity commonly fundamentally user of your broader inhabitants out of sugar daters, which people have a tendency to can’t be perfectly divided into groups, because so many possess a range of some other feel additionally the questions operating the info age group just weren’t built to meets that it article’s logical size.


The original dimension central to possess recognize anywhere between designs of sugar dating issues this new important content of sugar relationship plan. The brand new starting away from sugar matchmaking are going to be put into three groups. In the 1st classification, we discover a mere sexual purchase; from the second, “babies” and you can “daddies” was engaged in a more complete relationships arrangement along with intercourse however, together with other activities; about third, new events mingle when you look at the an internet dating-such as for instance style, however, gender is not an element of the plan.

Gender Just

Half the new “baby” interviewees (7 out-of 15) and something “daddy” interviewee (1 from 9) equated glucose dating possibly for the straightforward buying and selling of sex, or stated using glucose internet dating sites for this purpose, because only way of utilizing your website or in general means yet others. In the questionnaire answers, 13 per cent off “baby” respondents and step three per cent of “daddy” participants unambiguously equated sugar matchmaking that have prostitution otherwise offering/to purchase intercourse. Whenever asked about great things about glucose dating as compared to other types out of matchmaking, that survey respondent stated, “It is really not a form of relationship [smiley]; your sell and buy intercourse” (“baby,” 28). A recurrent motif regarding procedure would be the fact sugar matchmaking was a shiny cover getting prostitution, just like the articulated of the other survey respondent: “That is prostitution. The audience is towards care about-deceit. No one people would like to telephone call our selves hooker or john. Therefore we altered the text and released it in the a nicer package” (“baby,” 25). That it crude awareness on “the genuine nature” out-of sugar matchmaking contrasts to the importance off prior search for the how glucose daters usually delimit the things they’re doing out-of prostitution and you will intercourse performs ( Chu and you can Laidler 2016; Nayar 2017) and might getting about Swedish mass media, in which glucose relationship just like the a wages to possess prostitution might have been good repeated motif ( Olsson 2019; Svenska Dagbladet 2017).

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