Throughout their first few experiences, Tanjiro and you can Muichiro held a tense relationship

Throughout their first few experiences, Tanjiro and you can Muichiro held a tense relationship

Just after Tanjiro effortlessly production in order to his individual form, she whines away from delight that will be noticeably treated to see your securely right back since the an individual, the two buying and selling tearful grins while they rest around the from for every other.

Tanjiro and you may Kanao carry out sooner ily, having a couple great-grandkids of the names out of Kanata Kamado and you will Sumihiko Kamado ranging from them.

Genya Shinazugawa

When they earliest interacted, Tanjiro when you look at the an alert motion gripped Genya’s sleeve to the stage where it might possess damaged because abuse for more or less dealing with Kanata Ubuyashiki right after the final options. It reunited again on the butterfly residence following Tanjiro had retrieved his injuries during the their struggle with All the way down Review 5 but when Tanjiro tried to enjoy your, Genya coldly ignored him.

They met once again on the Swordsmith Community when Tanjiro watched Genya regarding gorgeous springs, and you may interacted that have him, he attempted to be friends with your, but Genya was getting resentful and creeped out-by Tanjiro. It soon shaped a bond when they battled together. A couple days just after, Genya found heat up so you’re able to Tanjiro and so they became personal family unit members.

Kyojuro Rengoku

To start with, Kyojuro considerably disapproved of Tanjiro to own traveling with Nezuko, a demon. [11] However, during their combined objective so you can defeat Enmu, it designed a thread and became close despite only purchasing a good couple of hours along with her. Which bond even promoted Kyojuro to provide getting Tanjiro as the an excellent Tsuguko. [12]

Kyojuro mutual his finally times that have Tanjiro and you will profoundly motivated your with his words of reassurance, entrusting the newest guy to take and pass toward his finally terms and conditions to help you their more youthful aunt and you will father and saying his enjoy out-of Nezuko since the a true person in this new Corps. [13] Adopting the Flames Hashira’s passing, Tanjiro proceeded to hold their strong admiration and really love to have your, getting infuriated and if someone else would cam sick on the your. [14] Throughout the their fight against Daki, Tanjiro remembers Kyojuro’s words and this encourage your during the his battle. [15]

Muichiro Tokito

Muichiro reprimanded Tanjiro because of the flicking a stone within their direct once the latter interrupted Kagaya Ubuyashiki’s message, and Tanjiro are bewildered by the Muichiro’s rude cures with the Kotetsu from the this new Swordsmith Community. But not, shortly after hearing Tanjiro’s advice about permitting someone else, Muichiro are influenced sufficient to change their therapy, rescuing Kotetsu and Kozo Kanamori during Gyokko’s attack into community. Immediately after after that regaining his recollections, Muichiro and you can Tanjiro became buddies, which have Muichiro indicating heavy prejudice into the Tanjiro when they coached together with her inside the Hashira training session. After hearing from the Muichiro’s death at the hands of Kokushibo, Tanjiro lost tears along the death of his friend and vowed so you’re able to himself he’d keep assaulting hard.


Tanjiro meets Taayo possess aided your to know more and more Muzan and even suggests an effective way to change Nezuko to the a human. During the Tanjiro’s travel, Tamayo talks about and tries hard to produce medicines so you’re able to generate demons peoples again. Tanjiro as well as reveals value to help you Tamayo and collects new A dozen Kizuki’s blood in order to automate the girl advances.


Tanjiro suits Yushiro in the first objective within the Asakusa Arc, also it appears to be Yushiro cannot such as Tanjiro because the the guy does not that way another person are squeeze to your his lifetime with Tamayo. Regardless of this, while in the Infinity Castle, Yushiro carries on supporting and you may desires getting Tanjiro to keep real time. Just in case the brand new battle’s over, Yushiro check outs Tanjiro and you will praises your.

Gyomei Himejima

On very first Hashira Conference, Gyomei judges you to definitely Tanjiro must be killed as voglio recensione sito incontri per stringere amicizie he is actually a Devil Slayer travelling near to a demon. After, in Hashira Education Arc, Tanjiro reveals Gyomei their determination, integrity, and hard really works, which leads to your being accepted of the Brick Hashira.

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